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감사합니다 - thank you

Johns Creek, GA

안녕하세요 -- Hello!

this was a weekend unlike any other event. one completely immersed in a culture so different yet so similar to my own. Atlanta, a town that has become familiar to me, got a whole new part of my heart.

Johns Creek/Suwanee/Duluth is the largest population of Korean-owned businesses && people in the state. && while yes there was a difference in communication, in language && etiquette, we believed the same thing. we both rest in the power of scripture, trust in His providence & are eager to serve the body of Christ. we both want to share the gospel && grow the Kingdom. we really weren't that different at all.

that is the beauty of the diversity of the body of Christ. && man am i so grateful to be a part of it.

life moves a little differently here, things are a little cleaner, more orderly, done with more precision and efficiency. we did have to wait at some points forr there to be translation, but that allowed us to have a moment to slow down && really take in the event.

what i learned

  1. you don't have to understand the language to know it is a joyful noise unto the Lord

  2. try the new food, when will the chance come again?

  3. there is a peace that aligns with patience when practiced with joy

how i grew

to go ahead and ask the clarifying questions in order to better serve && grow.

favorite parts the hosts taking us to an Asian buffet and being able to ask how to eat certain foods we had never seen before

being immersed in a culture so different than mine && being met with such an eagerness to share it with us

the speed at which they packed w/o the chaos that usually accompanies it

listening to Korean Christian music

staying in to watch my home church && hearing a sermon that fits so well into what we do

being able to catch up with a friend, that while we have only met 3 times, i have had some of the craziest adventures of my life with her.

the way your heart feels after you train a new coworker on something && you see them execute it well && with confidence

to Johns Creek Korean Church 감사합니다. thank you for inviting us into your church && your community. it was a joy to learn about Korean culture. thankful for how you serve, how you care, && your hospitality. you truly impacted me in a way that i will not forget. may we meet again. 다시 만나요

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