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a texas christmas

Driftwood, TX

driving events feel different in some way. i don't know if you could tell, but i do not write about local events i do, bc i find that they would mostly sound the same. well, driving events are like the next rung on the latter. i go to so many of the same towns or even work the same events over again. but that's why going to a small town is so refreshing.

it has been a good while since i have done an event in such a small town. && honestly, i missed it. the charm, the genuine nature of the people, the different pace, the boldness, && the gospel-centered nature of it all.

being able to serve with such a new church, one that is still so clear on their mission && their passion for the Word, His work, && His Kingdom. what a joy that was! a sweet reminder of what a church body should look like and what heart posture we should serve with.

what i learned

  1. once you know the rules of forklifting, you can't stop seeing ppl breaking them everywhere

  2. a christmas event always hits different

  3. the Lord finds a way regardless

how i grew

how to better communicate with delegation

favorite parts

one of my favorite people making the time to come out && serve the entire event

the boys getting lost in buc-ee's

having to jump jacob's car

the fake wedding proposal in the pavilion

to faith bible church

thank you for trusting us with your first event, for bringing excitement && adaptability into the weekend. you guys lead with such biblical knowledge and scripture-based service, it was so evident to those who walked into the room. you, as a church body, taught me more about what gospel hospitality looks like. may we meet again.

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