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a true new england fall

Barrington, NH


that's how many states i have been to now. 9 of those have been with this job. that is crazy && cool to think about.

crazy because it doesn't feel like i have been in this job for over a year. crazy because it doesn't really feel like i've been to all of those places. crazy because i am somehow able to remember all of them. crazy because hotels now kinda feel like home. crazy because i get to serve others every day i am on a trip. crazy because this is my job.

cool because i have been able to see so much more of this country. cool because of all of the amazing people i have met. cool because i have been able to do so much of this with one of my favorite friends. cool because this is my JOB.

this was an event where they knew what they were doing. they didn't take long to find their groove, && once they did, they flew. our team was able to focus on the more technical side of the sessions because we trusted those volunteers to pack && they didn't need our help.

we landed in Boston, ate dinner, slept && did the event in NH, ate dinner in Maine, and drove back to spend the night at the Boston airport hotel. 3 states in 4 days. crazy full, but super filling.

this was an event that was a true love letter to fall in new england. full of fall weather, leaves covering the ground, thankful hearts, && giving spirits.

what i learned

  1. about liquid && gas propulsion and the parts that make that happen in planes && rockets

  2. how much difference a playlist can make

  3. saying "y'all" in new england gets some giggles and smiles

how i grew

a good morning hike in nature can set up your day perfectly. the opportunity to witness the beauty && intentionality of creation that allows for moments of silence in awe && admiration && reflection.

favorite parts

the simple joy && faithfulness of our sweet host Kim

finding the most beautiful overlook on our NH hike

somehow seeing 3 states in 4 days

to turbocam:

your passion for serving others && true passion for the mission is a beautiful thing! you have this ability to truly recognize the opportunity to be a part of helping people on the front end, even if you may not see the results of your work. you defied expectations && packed about 2,600 meals over goal! i am proud to have served w you && to have been able to live in your world for just a weekend.

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