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a turkey day void of tradition

every year for the past 12 years, thanksgiving has always been the same. but this year i guess the theme is "change" and man are they embracing it. one of my favorite traditions, abandoned and left behind.

with the move coming next week, the emotions filling this house are high. but i guess since i have been around for most of the process, i have become numb to it. but i have also sadly become used to living in a half empty house with most things in boxes.

but there are faces missing, some because they are gone, some because plans were changed this year, and some because they are halfway across the world. a house that usually is full of the laughter and chaos of 15 people, has downsized to the gentle hum of conversation of the 7 left.

everything feels different. yet i feel as though the gratitude has shifted. grateful for different things, but at a different level.

little traditions that i had become accustomed to and were kinda engrained into my holiday routine were skipped over this year.

our traditional holiday breakfast of cinnamon rolls and pigs-in-a-blanket? impossible.

a late thanksgiving lunch at our house? new location and a smaller crowd.

movie theater thanksgiving night? traded in for leftovers and a movie on tv

void of tradition but not bad.

there were moments of beauty today. moments where we were laying on the ground laughing trying to take screenshots over facetime. moments where we tried something new and creative and it turned out beautifully imperfect. moments of honest conversation and secret texting between cousins. moments of surprising texts and sweet reminders of the power of intentional friendships.

today was different, but it was still full of gratitude and family and that is enough.

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