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back to the cape

Cape Girardeau, MO

this event was somehow the perfect mix of newness && familiarity. since i had worked an event in Jackson, MO, i saw familiar faces and was easily immersed into the culture of the town.

it was an event of reunions and best friends. of pushing coworkers to pursue the Word first && to go to prayer before responding in anger. one where i am learning more && more when to remove myself from situations when they are not healthy or angering to me. i fully experienced the benefits of focusing completely on my work instead of responding to a frustration.

but i also experienced such pure laughter && was pulled into the fold && treated like one of their own. included in decisions and asked my perspective on big issues, whether they were relevant to the event or bigger world issues.

it was a blessing to feel the simple joy of a funny text message or being looked up to by a coworker. to be able to share advice or wisdom that i just so happened to have. in situations where i felt like i was inadequate, He proved me wrong && showed that He was more than enough to sustain me and pour out through me.

so many of my words and interactions on this trip were not of myself, but ones of Truth && Him using me to redirect unkindness to grace.

what i learned

  1. how prayerful wrap & strap can be

  2. the importance of being slow to anger & slow to respond

  3. how unifying the shared hatred of a sports team can be

how i grew

this event, not unlike others, i fully invested in my relationships with the hosts. but what was different on this one was the level of vulnerability, to the point where they all prayed over me before i left. their prayer being: "the only thing we can ask for is Your will to be done, so that is what we pray for"

favorite parts

giving the dads play by play updates of the USA game

pranking the truck drivers & fork lift operator

late night stretch routines by the hotel pool that end in belly laughs

sunday morning church in the hotel lobby

to la croix church

you made this event what it was, a success that was above && beyond what we could ask for. you had such joy and expectancy. you discussed religion with me and debated the state of the church. you pushed me to answer the hard questions, to consider things i wouldn't think of, you encouraged me to pursue prayer in times of newness && uncertainty. you showed me how to have grace under pressure and choosing love over frustration. thank you for all you taught me && how you loved me.

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