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california girls

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Chino, CA

after two years, i finally got to go to California for work. it felt that much sweeter bc it felt like i earned it.

it was an event where we got to cheer each other on, try new things, && get made fun of for freaking out at palm trees. we got to go on adventures && and drive the PCH && eat way too much food.

we laughed over directions and turned coworkers into sports fans. we talked baseball and family care and funny things kids say. it was an event where we got to talk, truly && honestly.

it was a cool experience to work at a church that had recently changed their name. to hear their heart behind the change && the process they went through to do so. to truly become friends with the hosts and become cheerleaders for each other. it stays with you.

it was a cool experience to have all of the first three sessions of the events be ones filled with students. high schoolers and middle schoolers and all of their leaders and teachers. to see the joy of kids feeding kids, there really isn't a feeling like it. you see the look on their faces when they realize the impact that they just had && it stays with you.

i mean, how can you not remember an event where a volunteer tells you that they are rooting for you, simply and without prompting. it stays with you.

what i learned

  1. patience is a skill that you always have to work on

  2. it doesn't really feel like california until you get to the beach

  3. not all palm trees are created equal

how i grew

being bold enough to stand up for yourself can be scary, but you can find understanding in sharing your concerns && feelings with someone.

favorite parts

getting to sit on the beach && just sit in the sound of the waves

eating froyo every chance we could get

playing travel planner

being able to see the places my friends grew up

the corn street carnival

to Verve City Church

thank you for trusting us to do this event again, to take over your space && help support your love for community and global service. you guys were fun, driven, passionate, && made the event just something so special. i am so thankful for your willingness to have gospel conversations && talk about hard truths, your love for service && desire to be a part of something bigger than yourself. hope to meet you again!

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