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down to the gulf

Gulfport, MS

this event felt familiar to me, having worked an event about a year and a half ago just next door in Ocean Springs. yet this event didn't start off rocky like that one.

this one was a team that has a track record of working well together, able to have fun while also being productive. a team that it has truly been a gift to be able to watch grow and learn.

this event was one full of an abundance of free time, which at times could be frustrating. but being able to be on a work trip, the day after the Rangers World Series win? a day where i watched my dad tear up because he saw his team finally win the World Series after waiting his whole life for it? it was like the weight was off and i just got to sit in the celebration of it all.

in Gulfport, the event in its entirety was 7 hours. which is wild. but it was such a cool thing to watch their faces as they realized the impact of what they were doing, as they learned about the process from warehouse to site to plane/boat/etc. to child. i had childlike wonder at the beauty of a life lived by 1 Chronicles 28:9 && John 17:4.

how amazing to see examples of people who want to leave a legacy of service, people who live with the end in mind. over 200 people in this Mississippi gulf town who want to know Him, serve Him, && seek Him. those who proclaim the gospel bc they were appointed by God, yearning for consecration to be wholly && holy unto Him. they were loud && silly && helpful && passionate && i am just so thankful to know them.

what i learned

  1. there is a beauty in people putting on an event for the first time

  2. how comforting it is to have team members you can trust

  3. productive rest during time off is so beneficial

how i grew

if i had given into my lack of sleep && let my exhaustion dictate my outlook, i would’ve missed out on some pretty amazing gospel moments

favorite parts

being able to just sit on a beach overlooking the gulf && spend time reading a good book

spending time with coworkers that i have come to call family

continuing to trust in His providence && the power of the body of Christ working alongside one another

doing dishes with a high-school sweethearts, being able to hear their love story && a little bit of their testimonies

the amount of people who stayed to help clean after the session ran long

to Northwood Church

thank you for trusting us with a first time event, to come into && be a part of your service day. it was an honor to see how strong your passion is for serving others, and how much of a heart you have for going to the nations. you are warriors for the Kingdom, living so firmly in the mantra of: "Grow, Know, Go, Until Jesus Returns". thank you for reminding me of the power behind corporate missions. may we meet again.

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