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feeding the masses

Wichita, KS

my first trip post-camp & man was it a wake-up call. it was familiar && easy in the sense that i knew what i was doing. it was easy to interact and cultivate relationships with the hosts. it was easy to step back into the roles that this job requires.

but what was hard was the physical toll on my body. i forgot how exhausting it can be, how fast the pace of a session is, and how quick the turnaround is.

but what i was reminded of was how much of a difference i am making. of the importance of my job. the Kingdom work that is being done. what i am reminded of daily is how this job, no matter how difficult at some points, is something that is sharpening && convicting && sanctifying. all i can do is try my best to better glorify God through it every day.

staying in a hotel room all day may sound like a dream to some of you, but when you wake up at 4 am with what you know is a sinus infection on the last day of the event && can't go into work, it is not too great. you spend the day in and out of sleep, feeling crappy both physically && mentally. i felt so bad to not be able to finish out the event, feeling like i left them with no warning or a goodbye. but they met me with understanding and grace.

what i learned

  1. its easy to feel a three month break

  2. how much encouragement there is in doing something you're good at

  3. getting sick on the road is not it

how i grew

it was a gentle way to ease back into work, but man do i need to listen to my body better. it was wake up call that my pendulum was off kilter and how while rest looks different for everybody, there are wrong ways to do it for yourself.

favorite parts

being able to be on a coworkers first travel trip after working at the site in MN for 10+ years.

when bob (our host) found out i was gluten-free, he woke up at 5 am to make me the best blueberry muffins i have ever had.

helping all of the middle schoolers compete with each other to pack the most

watching the chiefs game in between sessions on the big orientation screen

being able to see a rare owl by sure luck

to st. elizabeth ann seton catholic church:

thank you for being such gracious and energetic hosts. you made it so hard for me to stay home when i was sick, bc all i wanted was to be serving with you. you asked me questions seeking to know me, you joked around with me, && you discussed faith with me. thank you for every part of that.

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