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for lovers && packers

Lorton, VA

this was not my first time in VA and it was not their first rodeo either. yet this was an event that felt slightly daunting to me.

it was an event where we were going to be packing on two floors. this doesn't sound so bad right? until you realize that you can only have the warehouse on the first floor, its on the opposite side of the building from the second floor packing room, and you have to run ingredients up and down pretty much constantly on carts.

its an interesting event to train people on too, where there are so many things going on at one time, so many problems to solve, and so many things to be managed simultaneously.

it was an awesome host team full of people who were familiar and passionate about our mission. they made their own shirts and it felt as though they were part of our staff. they fully embraced tabletop fellowship.

they made each session their own w an emcee. they created their own narrative: calling the warehouse the "soy && rice mines" and talking about how the upstairs packing room was the "sky dome". they got into the music and made it fun.

what i learned

  1. sometimes being a hero is in the little things

  2. being a cruise director is part of the job

  3. Chuy's in VA still has the same magic as TX

how i grew

i got to learn a lot of part of the job that i did not know yet, && learned that i know more than i thought i did.

favorite parts

being a trusted person to ask questions of.

the concept of "hands-on church"

last-minute reunions w old friends are so valuable

to new hope church

what a sweet team you were! you led w experience && passion, but also w a sense of wanting to improve. you asked questions and sought out correction as to better your event for the future. you trusted us with our ever-changing rules and showed us new ways to do things. you were such a solid support system for us, thank you for all you did.

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