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just beachy

Ocean Springs, MS

this trip started out rocky. we suddenly went from a team of 4 to having to switch supervisors and lose another team member to sickness all within like 5 hours. so....rocky.

the travel itinerary alone for this trip was stressful, including 3 different hotel rooms for the three nights we were there in two different cities.

we flew into Nola during mardi gras week, chaos.

we woke up & drove to MS and right as we got there had to unload and everything was broken, chaos.

we had a rice bag that ways a literal ton spilling from the bottom all over the parking lot, chaos.

our pallet jack was faulty, chaos.

we had to run an event that's size usually would require 5 people, with 3, chaos.

we had a forklift that was too advanced for any of us to operate, chaos.

with all of of this and other factors going on, it was very easy for me to feel overwhelmed. this trip at points was so much i wanted to cry, but what i realized was something so simple.

it was the Lord sharpening me and pushing me towards kingdom work.

it's not supposed to be comfortable or easy to grow His kingdom, to make a positive change in the world.

what i learned

  1. how powerful a smiling face in a crowd can be

  2. being sharpened does not feel great

  3. how great a support system is through hard times

how i grew

i mean that was a pretty big lesson to learn about sharpening. i have known for a while that to be made a new creation in Christ that you must undergo demolition and reconstruction, just truly never felt demolition in this way before.

favorite parts

when people in the audience laughed at my jokes during opening and closing orientation.

taking control & managing an entire high school football team to check them in

to mosaic church

thank you for inviting us into your space and allowing for it to be a vessel for change and growth and hard conversations. david, you will always be my favorite host team of one.

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