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mile high climb

Lakewood, CO

when i say i was raised in texas, i mean it.

i grew up doing tornado drills in school, so with last week being the second time that i have been required to apply that knowledge, i was ready. it was not scary && having my coworker there with me was helpful, but i chose to do something in that moment.

instead of responding immediately to the situation, i chose to take a moment, respond in prayer, & then look at it in a positive light. i got to see part of the airport that most never get to see.

~the basement~

we didn't end up being able to get to denver until the next morning, but changing the lens through which we were viewing the situation and focusing on the gratitude we had for our safety made such an impact.

this isn't the first time that i have had an event in a town where a family member or friend of mine lives && i have attempted to spend time w them if i can, but sometimes orchestrating that can be more draining then the event itself.

&& its nothing about the person that makes it draining, its more of logistics and schedules not always being exactly accurate and then sometimes having to cancel established plans due to need for rest.

but being able to meet volunteers who have been packing with us very chance they got since they found out about us? && meeting a little girl who has been volunteering her whole life just like me? && encountering patience and grace extended to me when technology was not on my side?

these are all things that make an event special for me. the opportunity to learn how to be a better servant to others && for Christ.

this trip further revealed how important it is to have a community of support within your job who can understand and encourage you through exhausting days && situations.

what i learned

  1. grace && patience are hard when practiced, but worth the effort

  2. adventure can allow for God moments to happen

  3. His creation is truly a wonder

how i grew

while yes, i am learning about rest && how to practice it well, sometimes choosing to spend time with your team exploring or meeting up with your sister && her roommates after a long day can be so fruitful.

favorite parts

a coworker announcing to the room that we were packing a little longer && hearing a little girl scream "yay!" in response

meeting hosts from an event they do with us across town && getting to know their hearts

getting an impromptu behind-the-scenes tour of the airport

finally getting to meet a coworker after all this time

encouraging texts && funny videos from sweet coworker friends

to our Lakewood friends,

you have such a kind, calm, hospitable spirit. all of you. you have hearts for service, not only for our mission, for serving others in your careers as well. you are consistent && you worked so hard to know us && make the event your own. thank you for your excitement and your patience.

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