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the springs were indeed blue

Blue Springs, MO

a first time event that is at a high school, sounds like a nightmare right? it was actually a dream

i mean other than the construction of course. but that was a small issue.

i don't know if you had DECA at your school, i know i didn't. we had DI kids, which was more STEM-based. but DECA is more entrepreneurial/business focused. but man either way, those kids are built different.

they are so smart and have brains that can think so far ahead and problem solve and think up solutions && ways to execute ideas before we are even anywhere near the same page. they blew me away every single step of the event bc they were some of the most organized && willing hosts i have ever been blessed to work with.

this was maybe the first time i had a group of high schoolers that weren't resistant to wearing hairnets and excited to pack with us. while yes, they did get excused from class to come, it was still really awesome to connect with the students over music and disney channel and just giggle with them.

it felt like the perfect event to have right now, to put me back in the mindset of working with teenagers, to get me back into camp mode. yet it also made me realize how much i love this job and how hard leaving for three months is going to be.

man oh man what a life i get to live that i have two jobs that i love where i get to serve the Lord && His people!

what i learned

  1. i am very glad i am not in high school anymore

  2. high schoolers are way smarter than when i was there

  3. reaching out to friends to get dinner after years is so worth it

how i grew

man i felt convicted on this trip. the Lord called me out on not being consistent & not being honest and transparent about that.

favorite parts

surprising our teammates at their event in KS

running through walmart trying to find cinnamon sugar donuts

eating chuy's

building an igloo out of boxes

to blue springs DECA students

you guys blow my mind. truly && honestly, your passion to put on this event was so appreciated. you showed up every second with energy and joy and helpful spirits. you took an entire day to put on this event and miss class, && you so kindly asked how you could help, and were eager to try and learn new things about how we do our job. thank you for sharing your laughter & knowledge & creating with us.

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