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my kind of big apple

Spokane Valley, WA

while yes, this weekend i did spend about 12 hours in the denver airport due to layovers, it was worth it for this event.

the event itself was full of laughter, honesty, magic tricks, && goofiness. it went as smoothly as we could ask for, and the only hiccup we ran into was having a session too close to the gonzaga game.

it was an event that can be best described as a collection of favorite memories. so much so that i started taking notes.

there was john the lyft driver, who actually lived in idaho, but asked me such good, hard questions about my job while also giving me insane encouragement.

i ran around in the snow w lauren, jumping around like little kids, laughing and just down right joyful. the snowflakes were huge && only lasted about 15 mins. but it was peaceful && a reminder to slow down && step into His creation and appreciate the beauty.

it was making bucket lists with one of my favorite people.

creating a demerts system to mess with each other on the event.

it was receiving puzzle piece apples && being okay to sit in the wonder of how it was done.

getting to try cosmic crisp apples, that were genetically engineered by WSU, so they are a spokane specialty.

it was the moment of a girl trying to decide between buying a lion or a zebra, but naming them marty and alex from madagascar in an attempt to make a decision.

it was my boss becoming gray riding hood.


yet all of these moments paled in comparison to the fact that now 383 kids will not only have a meal a day for a year, but they will have hope.

what i learned

  1. there is nothing quite like running around in the snow with child-like wonder

  2. celebrating someone's talents can make a huge difference

  3. sharing what you are learning with a friend can be a form of loving them

how i grew

i am learning that sharing where your heart is at, even if you are scared or confused or unsure, can be healing for both of you, && talking it through can provide the clarity and encouragement you were searching for.

favorite parts

during my many many hours of layover at the denver airport, here are some of the things i got to experience:

a man running with French bulldog through terminal (not stressed but happy)

the comfort found in familiar bookstores

meeting my sweet neighbors in my rows on my four flights

a father helping his son with his homework & stop to help him fix his shoe

seeing the dog-version of a member of my team

hearing a grown man say “exsqueeze me”

to our holy savior/our redeemer host team

thank you for not only meeting us with excitement but with genuine curiosity about who we are. you had a desire to know our hearts and the stories behind how each of our paths led to working together. you so readily served alongside us, taking every hurdle and unforeseen hitch in stride. you are problem solvers && have a peace in His bountiful provision. thank you for sharing you talents, time, and laughter with us, i am very grateful that our paths crossed.

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