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oh hey there spud

Idaho Falls, ID

my first time in Idaho. a state i didn't know much about other than potatoes. i didn't realize how close we were to the Tetons, how beautiful the leaves changing colors in fall would be, how much i would fall in love with the state.

this is a hazard of my job. i get to visit so many cool places && states, i fall in love with them, && then i have to go home. i have to leave behind the communities and friendships that had grown during my trip.

but it has been a learning experience, a true example that the Lord is kind to let me witness these places, that He allows me to step into these communities and serve alongside them. a continuous lesson to be grateful for what happened but not sad that it is over. its been a process to learn that these relationships are the perfect length, && that they fulfilled their purpose of providing joy and wisdom during our time together.

idaho falls was a place of simple beauty. having our event on Fairgrounds truly made sense. it allowed for us to be accessible to a larger community, but also showcased the beauty of the state. (that top right picture was our view from the packing room)

it was shifts full of excited volunteers, companies && families && homeschoolers && friends coming together in laughter and service.

they packed a whole 7,776 meals over goal and finished early.

a true testament to how many lives can be changed in just two days. 298 kids fed for a year, but about 450 volunteers who are changed by the impact they made.

what i learned

  1. fairgrounds can be more beautiful than you think

  2. there is a time to be quiet && still

  3. there is such a thing as chocolate nog

how i grew

this was my first time in the state, but somehow it felt familiar. i really felt as though on this trip i was able to live out my life verse (Psalm 46:10) very easily. i was able to be still & & be immersed in && appreciate such astonishing beauty of His creation.

favorite parts

the location

the servant-hearted spirit of the volunteers

the willingness to pick up slack

teaching some of the teenagers the camp rock clap

to our idaho falls steering team:

simply put, you were a joy. this was a first time event for you, && it felt like you had been doing it for years. you lead && served so prayerfully, truly being intentional about your heart posture in that space. you asked questions, not just about fmsc but about us. hard questions that made us think && seek out answers we didn't have before. you allowed us to be ourselves and were so eager to serve && efficient, that we finished clean up 1.5 hours early. you went an entire pallet over goal! y'all were seriously rockstars and you made me feel like i was at home.

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