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session eight: girls week part 2

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


man this week.

to start the week with being inside of a truck when a fire extinguisher goes off and you cannot escape fast enough? that really should have tipped me off how this week was going to be.

monday. i got hit hard by overthinking and the enemy placing doubt in my head and heart about what the future holds. so much so that i got sick, yeah, a big yikes. but i was met with understanding and care from my roommates, girls who didn't ask for specifics, they just hugged me and made me smile when i didn't want to.

tuesday. i was still feeling the effects of monday night, in such a way that people realized that i was not myself. a day that i sought out solitude and rest.

thursday. a team time in town, sitting in a way too hot coffee shop, crafting and chatting with girls that i have become obsessed with.

friday. a day of matching skorts, meetings full of venting, an afternoon of puzzling and dancing.

a week that was full of a lot of reading, a lot of strange interactions with campers (not bad), and the beginning of a feeling that i hate.

camp is officially starting to have that ~beginning of the end~ feeling. people are starting to have their lasts. their last session of campers, their last dish shift with me, and just their final moments in colorado. the month of goodbyes has begun, and man am i not a fan. but me being me, when the counselors (who i have come to see as family) try to say goodbye to me, i hit them with this line: "good luck getting rid of me, i'm in this for life". which is always met with a smile and a hug.

the verses this week were Philippians 2:13-14:

"For it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill His good purpose. Do everything without grumbling or arguing"

we had a situation happen this week that would have been really easy to complain about. something that could have been met with so much frustration and annoyance. but this verse came full force, verse 14 hit me in the face. my friend reminded me to meet the situation with prayer and a hopeful outlook. truly altered how i reacted to my surroundings.

a big thing happened this week, a conversation that i have been praying about since session 4, (that slap-across-the-face realization i had?) happened. and man was it the sweetest outcome that i could've asked for. a relationship that i cherish so dearly became more clearly defined, one that i am excited to be in for life. someone that i love and cannot wait to spend the rest of forever getting to know and do life with.

off time was sweet, it was a lot of time in a car, but it was restful and being able to sit in comfortable silence in a car with your best friend? not a lot compares to that. to feel so safe with another person that you know you can talk about anything with them. a sunday morning of usual rest and a sermon from home that i needed. a christmas in july party where everything felt normal again, and a sweet surprise of close friends showing up for lunch unannounced.

the week ending/starting on a high note is more than i could ask for, as serving the Kingdom is not always easy, but this weekend is one of those where the good so totally outweighed the bad. reminding myself that it is the Lord that allows me to have this sense of normalcy and that all the joy i have ultimately comes from Him and not the world.

prayers this week would be for harmony, vulnerability, for Christ to be at the heart of all we do, and for readily understanding ears and hearts.

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