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session five: SPF

this session was an absolutely answered prayer. i was nervous bc i truly loved the session four campers and watching them leave was hard. and the first day i wasn't connecting with them && man was i worried.

but the next day, i was just walking through the field where all the kids hang out, && a bunch of 15 year old girls said, "JULES! we are putting tinsel in your hair right now!" && of course i went right away. we got to tell stories and they decided to call me SPF (Sparkle Princess Fairy) bc that is who i was to them. they then invited me to their activity for the afternoon && for the rest of the week they greeted me with excitement && joy.

when i had other plans at night, like a night at the bluff w food service, or a dance party w work crew, i dreaded having to tell the campers that i couldn't go to their night event. i wanted to just spend time with them && get to know their hearts && talk with them about Jesus. they were so kind && so intentional with me && man were they so excited about serving on dish. && let me tell you, attitude can change everything.

it was a session that was hard to say goodbye to, not only because the campers were leaving, but also bc it meant that some of my best friends would be leaving for a week. i dreaded going to sleep on Monday night bc that meant when i woke up my campers && friends would be gone.

in 1 Peter 3, we are learning that husbands are called to bear the weight of accountability before God for cultivating a marriage & a household that glorifies God. that hearing that you're the leader should evoke humility, not pride. that we are cultural exiles, we are to treat others differently.

in Colossians 3:5-17, it covers the fact that new life in Christ means we are being beckoned by the Creator to walk in holiness and not in our earthly nature. that through sanctification we get to be renewed in knowledge that is true, correct, && precise. that we are not only bonded by the perfect unity of love, but we get to dwell richly with the Word of Christ!

in Esther 4, she is exemplifying that we can go from fearful to emboldened with prayer && supplication by you && your community coming around you.

we finished Zephaniah and started Haggai, and what a joy that has been truly! we are getting to read scriptural evidence that our God is a jealous God && we are found in Him! then the Lord uses Haggai to chastise His people who have returned from exile for falling into the trap of the comforts of the world instead of rebuilding the house of the Lord. that this is a time when the Lord refers to His people as "these people", which is not a great sign, but yet! He does not give up on them, just calls them out in love.

on Friday, my best friend came to camp. && man did i need that! we got to just sit and talk && share what we have been learning this summer. he got to meet all of my people here this summer && then we got to spend Saturday in one of his favorite towns with some of our people to celebrate his birthday. we got to wander, thrift, eat ice cream && pizza, && mess around in walmart. Sunday morning was a slow morning by routine, one of laundry && a sermon about a forgiving father and his two lost sons. one son being lost to self-righteousness & one lost to self-rebellion. the rest of the day was full of shenanigans & laughter, silly skits & honest conversation.

prayer requests would be for energy, clarity, && hearts that seek for His presence && not His presents!

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