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session five: welp


not gonna lie, this session was hard.

i walked into it not knowing any of the campers bc this was my session off last summer. i was nervous of how the week would pan out. it was my week of working without Chelsea. it was a week of confusing interactions and the gross feeling that something has changed but you don't know how. the sneaky feeling all week that you ruined something really good but you aren't sure. there was a moment of a sigh of relief, feeling like a situation had finally resolved, yet no luck.

but! there were good moments!

there were moments of bonding with my team, of hammocking and napping, of sitting in the park and crafting, of hanging out on a porch with a sweet pup and a fat cat.

there was a freak hailstorm in june that allowed for a conversation to take place that i really needed to happen.

there was a night that felt like three in one. from a movie night to a dance party with a cow tongue in a kitchen to watching someone bake bread and creme brûlée simultaneously.

there was an hour long facetime with my cousin where we could just be each other's sounding board. he blows me away for being so wise at 16, just wow.

there was a night of sweet and hard conversation with two of my roommates. there was a funny afternoon of puzzling with my boss and his wife, one where i had to address silly rumors and explain situations. there was another one of my best friends showing up at camp to surprise me just in time for me to leave for the week.

i have found that camp tends to be bittersweet if you pour yourself entirely into it. and while it is way more sweet than bitter, the bitter only sucks so bad bc the sweet is so good. when you are playing with a purpose & you understand the magnitude of what you are doing, wow does it make a difference on your heart posture.

this week was Philippians 2:7-8

"Rather, He made Himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness, and being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to death -- even death on a cross!"

this was reflected this week more through conversation than through actions. whether that was just conversations about dying to self, or talking through sermon ideas, or realizing the crushing magnitude of just exactly what Christ did for us. how He emptied Himself out completely and put Himself through the human experience so that He could not only show us how to live, but so He could better relate to His creation.

bible study was just a simple discussion about John 6, how Jesus is the bread of life and how to actually live as though you truly know He is the almighty provider that He is. profound and practical and applicable, exactly what a bible study should be.

off time looked different bc it was the start of my week off. it started with a lot of goodbyes and turned into hours spent sitting in the smallest sketchy airport i have ever seen. while i could have been in the headspace of frustration and irritation bc of delayed planes and missed connections, i wasn't.

if all of it hadn't happened, i wouldn't have met Paul, the sweet man from the airline that helped us out and was so kind. there was no one i would've rather been stuck with or go through that whole ordeal with. i mean we got home 10 hours after we were supposed to, but it was an adventure and i tried my best to make it a good one. (yet another moment of me being so thankful for how much i was able to travel growing up, being able to have the knowledge and comfort in how to navigate changes in itinerary and remain calm)

so my prayers for this week would be for my team to have a great week, for me to find rest and peace being back home but away from my summer home, for clarity, re-centering, and realization.

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