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session four: be still my heart

this session, i had a late start. i missed opening day due to being out of state, so i thought i was gonna be at a disadvantage. i knew session four was gonna be a special one bc the last two summers, this group of campers was just different. this was the session where i met my Timothy, where the campers sought to know me && just have sweet memories of.

this year was no different, i had 16 year old campers who so gladly served and had hard conversations with me and invited me to be silly goofy with them. where one of the campers was intent on making everyone on camp believe that he was my little brother (in his defense, we did look very similar and had a lot in common)

this session was full of silly free time, of making up card games, practicing dance moves, reading in the sun, making bracelets, && just getting to laugh && have conversations discussing our favorite attributes of God && how we have seen His faithfulness this summer.

i got to experience the sigma worship night, which is a 1.5 hour worship set split into sections all based on different characteristics of the Lord, && man is it powerful to worship like that alongside teenagers.

in 1 Peter 3, we are learning about fulfilling our God-given role in marriage, how the key to a better marriage is showing Jesus, how to cultivate your character, && how to hope in God. we should cultivate a preoccupation with the internal appearance, desiring internal maturity. that you can't show Jesus until you see Jesus.

in Colossians 2:16-3:4, we are learning not only to have heavenly mindset, but to put off the old self && put on the new. but also that the reason it says that Jesus is seated at the right hand of God is because he has fulfilled what God intended for His life!

in Esther 3, we are learning about the power of fearing the Lord over fearing man && how the fruits of that can be persecution, but if it's for the sake of the gospel, what a blessing to be in that trial! that the full armor of Ephesians 6 is necessary to be actively fighting for the gospel today.

in Zephaniah 3, it talks about chronic sin && Jerusalem's moral state causing them to get on the wrong side of His righteousness && forced to face His justice. but He also promised them restoration, peace, prosperity, && redemption. it is all for His praise && fame, what a reason to rejoice!

off time was so restful. it was a day of spending time with new people, pushing past fears, being encouraged by friends && emboldened by the Lord, honest car conversations, && of picnic dinners from our little market grocery store. it was a time of joy, a sermon that reframed a classic illustration off where you are at in your faith, && a morning of reflection.

prayer request would be for joy, contentment, && discernment!

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