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session one: silly goofy

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

this is the part, just like last summer, when i start to remember.

when i remember how hard mondays are, how i am thrown onto an emotional rollercoaster with the campers i have just spent a week serving alongside, laughing and having real gospel conversations with. all of a sudden they are getting on a bus to leave && 3 hours later, a brand new group shows up.

when i remember the feeling of campers inviting me to their night events && it's like you have hit the jackpot && they have invited you into their lives.

when i remember the sweet sound of the chaos of the dining hall, && i am able to take a breath and thank the Lord for so faithfully equipping me for this responsibility for Kingdom growth.

when i remember how sweet the friendships i have here become such a big part of me so fast. when its hard to think of a time before you knew them bc they are so important now.

when i remember how big a part of camp adaptability is, && changing the outlook of ~80 teenagers when plans change && trying to make it exciting. how important tone is when speaking to rising sophomores && juniors bc you really set the vibe.

when i remember what joy it is to see your friends finally doing the thing that they have been training for && just being continually blown away that i get to watch them absolutely kill it && love these kids so well even when they make it hard.

but what i have learned?

i have learned that the Lord has been so kind to me to place the community He has around me this summer. in the midst of hard moments at camp && at home, He continues to place exactly who I need around me.

i have learned the fruitfulness of hanging outside with the campers during their free time && showing up to their activities and night events. the previous two summers, i spent a lot of time in the dining hall, so they always knew i was around. yet i have found that when they see me outside of that context, it completely alters their reaction to me.

i have learned what it looks like to truly be present at camp when a campers face lights up when you remember their name.

when going through 1 Peter 1, i have learned that trials are not a "why did God do this to me?" but a "why did God entrust me with this? how is He going to refine me through this?"

when going through Colossians 1:1-14, i have learned about how Paul prayed. that even though he was praying for a church (that he had never visited), his first response is to acknowledge && thank God for who He is && what He has done)

when going through Esther 1, i have learned the Lord takes the most normal people to do the most extraordinary things.

when going through Habakkuk, i have learned the complete joy of sharing your favorite book of the bible with someone you care so dearly for.

off-time this week was spent in the perfect way: wandering around our small little mountain town with two of my sweetest guys && tabletop fellowship. a dinner where four different programs got to share a meal && what God was showing us through this first week. of running around the dollar general && crying happy tears bc of these friends && the adventures we get to have.

prayers would be for health, stamina, && play to have purpose!

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