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session seven: girls week


girls week. what a beautiful thing to come back home to.

a week of baking and going to the farmers market. of movie nights and trips to the thrift store. of afternoons full of laughter and card games.

while yes this was a week of low work-related stress, there was a lot of exhaustion & hard conversations. but that is part of refinement, it isn't easy and clarity is not always found easily or reached amicably. yet this camp community, they find a way.

they find a way to constantly meet you where you are at, to offer you grace when you don't deserve it, & to guard your heart when you are unable.

but then there were these campers. ones who kept me on my toes all week, making me laugh and making me feel genuinely pursued. they were ones who carried on jokes from last summer without skipping a beat. they sought me out at every meal wanting to talk to me, came to their dish shift so willing to serve & hang out with me.

almost every one of the 15 boys in sigma had a nickname from me. i was so connected with this group that i so looked forward to meals bc that meant that i got to see them and continue to learn from them. they were ones that were really hard to say bye to.

the verses this week were Philippians 2:11-12:

"And every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. Therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyed --not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence -- continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling."

i saw this in a different way this week. i saw this through the skits that the campers created for their night event. that no matter how ridiculous their plots or prompts were, all 40 of the campers brought it back to Jesus and His mighty providence. that they boldly proclaimed the gospel with ease and didn't shy away from conviction by living wholly in the world.

this was a week that was overflowing with grace. grace given & grace received. one of social stress that got resolved and clarity was gained. where a hard conversation long over due had a kind ending and healthy hearts.

this was an off time that i needed. i got to see a dear friend, watch old friends reunite, and just spend time with my favorite people. the ability to run around a downtown in a small town in colorado, surrounded by mountains and people that just make your heart giggle, is such a gift. the laughter that can come from walking down the street in the rain while window shopping is something that i felt in my core. it ended as always, with the early slow sunday morning routine that has become such a fixture of this summer, the final reset i need before a new week.

the prayers for this week would be ones of abundant forgiveness, even when it hurts. for grace to be given without reservation, and as always, that our play has a purpose (one that is divine in nature)

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