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session seven: silky chicken? yeah so probably

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

this session it hit me. exhaustion from being here for two months with only four days at home. && the reality of camp coming to an end, && the beginning of the month of goodbyes, && how sweet it is to be able to be join any group of camp people during off time, and feel so welcome && at peace.

it was a session of rest, of funny moments with campers, of long overdue conversations, of realizing how powerful it is to walk through the minor prophets with someone i care about so deeply and get to wrestle with how scripture speaks of His wrath right alongside His righteousness. that even though yes, the Lord is the ultimate judge, He also promises restoration.

i got to have sweet reunions with friends that had been away, && a mouse hunt, && got to watch a cabin and have them beg for stories about how my life is a movie. i got to paint the sunset, challenge myself, read a bunch, && just take in that i have been able to spend my summer with these friends so intently.

in 1 Peter 4, we are learning that suffering is an opportunity to understand more of who Jesus is && what He experienced! that every good && precious thing is found in knowing Jesus!

we finished Colossians! we are now walking through the five covenants that God made with man! so this week, we started with the Noahic covenant, so the promise God made with Noah post-flood. this covenant is one that is full of a promise to preserve creation. it is universal, maintains the cycle of nature, establishes boundaries, is modest, && administers common grace. what a joyful reminder that rainbows are (v. 16)! reminders of His righteousness, our sinful nature, && His grace!

what an image Esther 6&7 are for how the Lord directs all of our steps, that there are no coincidences in His plan! && how we should seek applause from Heaven, not from the world. && what a foreshadowing of a substitute satiating the wrath of the king!

we wrapped up Haggai 1 && how cool is it that the scripture here is making sure to distinguish between the Author of Truth & the messenger of Truth. what an awesome reminder that obedience begins with leadership && the stirring of the Spirit flourishes && is not temporary!

this weekend i spent my off-time in a somewhat unconventional way for me. i didn't really have a plan, which is very much not me. my friend graciously let me borrow his car for the day && i got to just spend it the way i felt.

so i went && met up with friends at the local lavender farm, then headed back to town and stopped by my pal Molly's house for a good walk and part of one of my favorite movies with sweet pals. got to pick up one of my favorite people from camp on his off night, pick up food && just have good intentional time with him before our friend joined us in the park to watch sunset. we ran around dollar general && came back to watch a movie he had never seen. it was a time full of honest conversation && new experiences.

it was a slow typical Sunday morning of sleeping in, watching church, && getting to slowly ease into the day. a sermon about forgiveness, the joy of watching people i love do something that they love and lead the staff in worship, a talk about how He loves us anyways.

prayers would be for the forgiven to remember to forgive as Christ forgave us, for us to be reminded that we are all sinners, no one is perfect, && for our play to be prayerful and purposeful!

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