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session six: just trusling

this session had a goofy start, with it being the fourth of July and all. it was a day full of arrivals && bomb pops && glitter && human fireworks && the national anthem being sung at every meal. what a way to start!

this week, i truly felt the absence of some of my people, their energy being necessary here. i found myself looking for them during free time or in the dining hall, but never being able to find them.

it was a week of familiar faces, both campers && staff, coming back for another week on this blessed mountainside. it was a session full of funny questions, many naps, && so many hugs that it made my heart burst. one where campers told me they loved me every single time they saw me, && called me out when i would miss a meal bc i was off. what a gift it is to be missed by someone!

in 1 Peter 3, we learned that the motto is to "love 'em until they ask why", that relationships & suffering are opportunities to display & proclaim our hope in Christ!

in Colossians 3:18-4:18, we talked about how we should approach scripture, how we are to conduct ourselves, how we should devote ourselves to prayer, && and how the three different relationships that are laid out are supposed to represent our relationship with God.

in Esther 5, this passage reinforces the idea of the power that prayer has && how much a difference your foundation can make in your reactions to the opinions && actions of those around you.

in Haggai, the Lord is calling them to work, but to check their heart postures in how they conduct themselves. that His people are living out the promises made in Deuteronomy 11:16-17!

for off time, we spent about 6 hours in the car but man was it worth it. Crested Butte is heck of a special place to me, && the fact that i got to share it with some sweet friends was such a gift. i got to show them the real life hidden valley && just eat dang good pizza. i mean imagine this: you look out over a valley full of wildflowers, your friends are picking them and taking pictures, you close your eyes && all you can hear is laughter, dogs barking, and the breeze. what a restful day!

a Sunday morning that was so restful. of being able to talk to my Timothy, watch church && dive back into the same parable as last week. a sermon that talked about how the older son is a warning to the Pharisees that they are in danger of missing out on eternity bc they thought they earned His favor with their legalistic rule following, yet they lacked a genuine need for an encounter with God. we got 4 questions on how to examine how we are interacting with the grace of God.

a morning where i got to spend time with my roommates && watch two of my favorite people lead worship and share a song that has been on our hearts this summer with the rest of staff. the rest of the day was an opportunity to practice prayer being my reaction and kindness being my response. a Sunday that ended in getting to watch one of my top five favorite movies with my team && just rest in the comfort of shared laughter.

prayers would be for actions & words to have intention && be rooted in Truth, for revelation && peace with it, && for unity in the Body.

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