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session six: rest

Updated: Jul 17, 2022


an entire week off. still truly a concept that i struggle with. i have always dealt with FOMO, but camp FOMO is worse. and i really wish i could explain it, but i feel like only camp people will truly understand it.

a few moments to help you hopefully understand (if even just a little bit):

when you realize that the majority of the people you have been talking to everyday for the last 1.5 months are mostly in person interactions and you are unable to have that same level of connection.

when you get audio messages about how camp is going and you hear people yelling invitations and laughing in the background and you can feel your heart pang.

when you keep catching up with different people and find it is easier to just say that camp is great bc you find it easier than retelling the same stories.

when you feel out of place being home bc you have come to call camp home.

don't get me wrong, my week was restful. like dang, i don't think i truly understood how exhausted i was. i slept way more than i think i ever have and then some. i would sleep in and then need to take a nap in the afternoon. i didn't really recognize myself.

but i also got to see so many of my people. whether it was coffee, or dinner, or brunch, or a movie, or just walking around the mall, i got to check in with the people that know me best and love me so knowingly. they offered me the wisdom and encouragement and heart posture reframing that i needed to be able to come back and finish summer well.

there were so many sweets moments like those, but of course they come alongside with hard moments. there were things that were strained & and things that were just drama. there were tough conversations to be had & difficult questions to answer. but there is grace.

the verses this week were Philippians 2:9-10

"Therefore, God exalted to the highest place and gave Him the name that is above every name. That at the name of Jesus, every knee should bow in heaven, and on Earth, and under the earth."

now, i have been so clearly seeing these verses reflected through camp so far this summer. but at home, it's just a little harder to find. but i still did.

i saw it through the Truth-rooted joy i find in my friends, the way they share what He has been teaching them and how evidently He is showing up in their new seasons of life.

the evidence of the reverence of the name of Jesus is so clear in how they love me and how they pursue Him.

the sweet camp wedding i was able to attend to end the week is even further reflection of these verses. where throughout the entire ceremony and reception, the Lord was so clearly at the center of not only their relationship, but of the celebration, and the conversations.

prayers for this week would be for rejuvenation and reminder of purpose of working at camp. for strength and focus in running the race set before us, for rest, & for kindness to be behind every interaction.

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