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session three: nice as heck


some of the last things the campers said to me before they left:

"we ate like queens this week because of you"

*on bus saying goodbye* "quick close the door so she can come with us"

"thanks for making dish so fun"

"can we hang out in the real world?"

this was a session that truly stole a piece of my heart. every session does, but when campers say things like that to you, yikes, you're done for.

the sigmas loved me so well, continuing conversations from last summer, putting beads in my hair, inviting me to sit at their table during multiple meals to share what they were learning or just to get to know me. they shared talents with me, danced and sang along with me in the dining hall, and just taught me so much all around.

the sweet questies were told this week that i was a stunt pilot for the new Top Gun and they completely believed it. so in case anyone asks, my call sign is "Juice". they were so eager to ask me questions and get to know me, and two of the campers dressed up as me for their night event where they dress up as celebrities.

(*insert tears*)

this week also had some bittersweet elements, like the fact that it was the last session with one of my best friends at camp, as he leaves on Saturday to report to Del Rio Air Force base. which is hard, happy for him starting his dream job, but sad to lose him at camp. a week where i got to witness reunion hugs of friends who never get to see each other because of their programs. hard moments, that even when addressed, only healed your heart a little bit.

there was a lot of overthinking going on caused by factors outside of myself, yet i still tend to turn it around on myself. but i am thankful for those who are willing to meet me where i'm at, who are willing to be patient & wait for me to find the words to be able to verbalize where my head is. i am thankful for a cabin of girls that i get to come home to at the end of a day, that can read me like a book.

this week was verses 3-4, which says: "Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather in humility, value other above yourselves. Not looking to your own interests, but each of you to the interests of the others."

man did i see this lived out in the way the campers were serving this week. they so kindly filled in where needed, and with such a pure sense of service. the counselors worked together to cover dishes and work together to set records. i also saw the discipleship triangle represented. i know, you probably have no idea what i'm talking about. but the three points of how to be a disciple are:

Knowing His words

/ \

/ \

Doing the work of Jesus ------- Walking in His Truth

this is based out of John 8:31-32, Psalm 1, Isaiah 55:6-11, John 15:1-15, & John 14:12-14. it illustrates how if you follow these three points, that Jesus' ways become your ways, that you are able to walk in freedom, and that Jesus' works become your works. this truly helps me in my position as i can share this with campers, to show why its important to not only be rooted in Truth, but rooted in serving and living out that Truth. it is a sweet reminder that the Lord's words are like rain and snow, they do not return to Him empty, but in their falling they provide a purpose for the earth.

an off-time where we saw a national park (from the parking lot for free), had some sick finds in a goodwill, ate IHOP, saw Lightyear, & got a discount at Coldstone. where i got caught up in a Sunday morning adventure and we had to race the clock, but it was so dang good.

prayers for this week would be against comparison, for grace to abound, for turning points to have good outcomes, and for the Lord to move in so many hearts.

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