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session two: pendulum


each session has those campers.

the ones that seek to know me & the kitchen staff.

ones that ask to listen, and are eager to tell you about things they are learning in bible study & their solo devotional time.

there are these campers right alongside the ones who while are eager to serve and learn, are not as bold about pursuing a friendship with me.

which is okay. this is the beautiful balance of what session two was.

session two was full of a lot of different feelings & gaining new understandings. at camp, it is so important to have self-awareness. to know how you best rest and to not give into the temptation of saying yes to every single opportunity to hang out or to go to a night event.

but true boldness is found in being able to put your rest and well-being in front sometimes, in realizing that if you are not at your best, it affects your ability to do your job and your ability to love others well. how to practice your abide pendulum, swinging constantly between abiding and resting so that you are able to bear fruit.

it makes your heart melt a little bit when in the same day you have campers say bye to you and ask for hugs while wondering if they will ever see you again, some of your best friends come back to camp after a week of being gone, and you have friends who jump in to help when you get overwhelmed with a very large last minute change to a meal.

its a hard concept, the alternating sigma sessions, because that means in order to get some friends back, others have to leave. which is hard, but necessary so they can go do so much good off-camp.

we are memorizing Philippians 2:1-18 as a kitchen this summer. to practice spiritual discipline & to really meditate on the message of that scripture of the heart posture behind why we are called to serve others. this week was verses 1-2, and man does that just emphasize the beauty of the diversity of the body of Christ.

i saw these two verses lived out this week, just through how well the counselors loved each other & hopped in where needed, truly showing the tenderness & compassion that is referenced in verse 2. through conversations with campers about their bible study through Ephesians, i saw the comfort they were finding in His love by grasping that His timing is so intentional. that He is rarely early, but always on time.

a session where i got a lot of good quality time with my best friend. where counselors made me giggle with their night event outfits & their dedication and love for their jobs. where we made cake balls for fun after work & i got to do quiet time in my favorite park looking out at the mountains with two of my favorite people. a week where i got to bake, have a much needed phone call with one of my forever friends, talk to a man wearing a foot costume, have chaotic program time, and have some of the most restful off time.

off time that was planned in such a way so that it was productive and checked things off our summer bucket list, yet we were willing to change it based on what type of rest was needed. it was a sweet night of laughter and honestly, just core memories for me.

my prayer request now would be for harmony, heart softening & eventual change, for willingness to grow & receive correction, & as always, for our play to have purpose.

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