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session two: small but mighty

this session was smaller in a lot of ways.

one with less campers, && less campers. one where i would dare to say the dining hall felt more intimate. that there was more opportunity to truly get to know the campers and their hearts.

where there were only 8 guys in sigma, and they all served together every time one of them was on the schedule. boys who served so joyfully and readily && simply made my job easier. they were so good at what they did, that i had the chance to breathe instead of run around like usual during dish.

some of the campers this session took a little longer to warm up to me, but when i came back from off time, they all were so kind && said they had missed me the three meals i was gone.

a session of truly hard emotions, of new team dynamics && constant adjustments. a sick day, which honestly the hardest part of for me is not being able to serve for a whole day.

yet the next day was a day of laughter && healing && goofy dance parties and pickles? i am continuously in a state of awe that the Lord allows me to have this job. that He places the hard moments next to the light ones. that He places names on my heart to reach out to && gives them a heart to receive.

this was a session of so much learning.

in 1 Peter 2, i am learning that not only is Christ the cornerstone, but that He has created us as individual stones as we were formed to fit together to build the body. which is so encouraging! that when a camper or coworker is being frustrating or unkind, that i need to take a second && remember that they are a part of the body and i was created to build up the Kingdom with them.

in Colossians 1:15-23, i am reminded of who Christ is as God, what His work on the cross accomplished, && how this should affect how i live for Him.

in Esther, i am continuing to learn about humility && the apparent fruit of the Lord's presence && providence even if His name is not explicitly mentioned.

we are now in Zephaniah, && man am i learning about an attribute of the Lord that is so often neglected, or a reason people often avoid reading the Old Testament. His wrath. && while yes, that is a scary characteristic, what a reassuring gift! that the Lord is just && will carry out His plan in a way that He sees fit! what a blessing to go through these minor prophets with my Timothy, to learn about prophecy in a way that we can digest together.

off-time this weekend was sweet. it was a car ride to walmart full of genuine conversation about where our hearts are at. of laughing walking down the aisles of the store bc our arms simply cannot hold as much as we think. of the familiarity of a Sonic drink. we got to pick up sweet friends who had off-time and take them to dinner. where we were literally running around the grocery store and buying a piñata. time when i got to just sit and have good conversation with friends that i care for so deeply. a sunday morning where a staple bible story was reframed && so much light was shed.

prayers would be for gospel conversations to be had, hearts to be softened, && kind words to be quickly given!

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