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Staff Training (the Remix)

this is my fourth summer of going through staff training. the fourth summer of sitting through all of the classes, going through the same training and team bonding. it can be easy to fall into the motions and not be intentional with this time together. to not realize the true opportunity it is to be in fellowship together in preparation for a summer of serving and sharing the gospel.

NGL, i was nervous coming into this summer bc of how great my experience was last summer. i was worried about slipping into comparison, about trying to fit back into the same role i was in last summer.

but this summer i came in with something different, i came in with the knowledge and the confidence in how to do my job. i came in knowing exactly where i was gonna work, and who i was working with. this summer, i was entrusted with teaching others. not just in my role either, but in how camp works in general. and while that feeling is a little bit daunting, it is such a blessing to be trusted with it.

this summer is definitely different than last year already, just with so many new staff and not many returners. at first, it was a tangible thing. a different kind of joy, a different sense of teamwork. there's a different sense of urgency and drive for furthering the gospel. it is never gonna get old meeting a group of people who are so on fire for the Kingdom and genuinely excited about serving others. it is a weird feeling when you can already tell that this summer is going to be different than you planned it to be.

its crazy to think that a week ago i was worried about not knowing everyone on camp. i was worried about people thinking that i didn't see them, bc i want everyone to feel known and seen and heard. (that's why i'm so passionate about my job creating that kind of environment in my dining hall) already finding new friends at camp that i know will be there for life.

it is a great feeling when people think you are good at your job. it is a great feeling when people wish they you were working at their camp bc they want to work with you. it is such a blessing that the Lord has placed this specific team here this summer. to be in a cabin with a group of girls who i love. a group of girls i love to come home to and be able to process and debrief with at the end of the day.

my only ask of you would be for prayer. prayer for health over camp, for unity of staff, for open ears and receptive hearts of guests and campers, for the Kingdom to be grown, and for play with purpose to take place.

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