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the capitol: school edition

Austin, TX

now this was an event unlike any other that i have worked. we drove down to austin, laughing, && stopping at Buc-ee's on the way. we headed straight to the school, which was on a beautiful gated campus. we set up on a tuesday, with the help of so many mothers. they were all eager to help us set up, volunteering for jobs && trying to figure out how to help us without being in the way.

and that first night? we had plans. we went over to the Howler Bros HQ where the band Briscoe was putting on a free concert. && then for some reason, we went to one of the sketchiest saloon's i have ever seen. the food was questionable, but the drinks were pretty darn good.

the next day, now that was the crazy one. our volunteers were all of the students of this school, with our first session being the entire elementary school (K-5), the second session was the middle schoolers, third was the juniors and seniors, && we ended w the freshmen and sophomores. it was pure chaos. it was loud && messy && unfocused && fun && energetic.

it was a sweet event though, one where i got to connect w high schoolers, got to huddle up w them && help them strategize. an event where i loved my team. an event where we were all a little bit delusional bc of how much && often we work together, but good nonetheless.

what i learned

  1. no matter how many kindergarteners you put at a table, they still cannot reach or see

  2. high schoolers will compete for bragging rights

  3. last minute plans can bring the most unexpected conversations

how i grew

this event was a marathon, with each session having its own personality && learning opportunities. the Lord was so kind to allow me to be able to use my ability to connect w high schoolers to help better encourage and communicate with our last set of volunteers (14 & 15 year olds). i learned about patience and how to wisely choose your words.

favorite parts

our driving force being a H.E.B. cake

the crazy energy of the car trips both ways

my three little dish helpers being 8, 6, and 5 years old

being able to catch up with sweet camp friends after almost 2 months

to hyde park high school:

you brought the energy. every session, you filled that cafeteria with your joy && laughter && competitive nature. you shared your school with us, gave us your space and time to us for an entire day. you participated with servant hearts and a bold eagerness. thankful for how you invited us in and how you served alongside us!

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