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upstairs: football edition

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Broken Arrow, OK

my oklahoma event is the last one before camp...again?

it felt poetic that my last trip before i go to the mountains for the summer is in Broken Arrow, just like it was last year.

it was sweet to return to the small community just right outside Tulsa, one where football is taken seriously and service is emphasized. they are proud of their town yet humble in their character.

there was a thursday night packing session full of high school football players && i was going around keeping them updated on the draft and who was going where.

i had sweet moments of chaos alongside deja vu. moments where little kids recognized me from the event i did across town last year.

this event felt like it was a month long, especially because we drove there and back. but on the drive back, we took a wrong turn, which you would think is bad. (i mean it added 45 mins to the drive home) BUT we got to drive through the Choctaw nation && it felt like we were driving through the rolling hills of the Microsoft Windows XP background.

it was a trip where i got to work with coworkers that make it hard to leave, ones that inspire laughter && work so cohesively in the packing room && easily turn moments into memories. there were illuminating conversations, honest vulnerable truths, joy-filled meals, && plenty of adventure.

what i learned

  1. just how big a role these people play in my life

  2. the Lord has placed me in this job for a season of refinement

  3. a free morning at a coffee shop can be life giving

how i grew

on this trip I gained a lot of clarity about this season of my life && was given peace about leaving for the summer and what I was gonna be met w when I return

favorite parts

another event full of sweet moments like:

“it sure is getting dark in here” driving when the sun is going down

the bonut


church building is meant to equip to send out, the building should not restrain the Body

football players coming back for thirds on samples

the local high school quarterback drama

“we don’t waste at Jenks”

Angie’s fish && wings, fresh NEVER frozen

Rick putting on his own bounty commercial

to Anthem Church

you guys beat the odds, had the best attitudes, and continued the tradition of my last event before camp being in Broken Arrow. you guys created a space full of energy and passion and allowed for true Christ-like service to be carried out. this was the host team and coworkers I needed to be with for my hard day. you guys were complete rock stars && I am so grateful to know you!

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