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at the last second

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

((with edits))

a weekend of rest, adventure, laughter, & joy amidst a session of intentional biblical conversation and connection with high schoolers. to say i am encouraged would be an understatement. constantly in awe that i get to live on this beautiful mountainside furthering the Kingdom all summer. the Lord is so good!!!

this was a last second adventure. my friend Kobie hopped in my car and we hoped for the best. we had to figure out how to fill my tires with air. we drove to Salida and ran into half of camp at the local thrift store.

we had a fashion show. cade bought a red jumpsuit. then it started to pour. we got separated but found our way back to each other outside of sonic. laughter filled the car stalls as we sat and reflected on our weeks. three different camps represented at one table. what a gift.

this week had been so sweet for me. the opportunity to talk to high schoolers about hard truths. this was the first week of camp that campers sought me out as a resource, where they trusted me and came to me with biblical curiosity and open ears. i had the chance to teach them about different beliefs, and the importance of understanding and allowing for the diversification of beliefs within the body of Christ. the trust i was gifted with from a camper to open up to me about her fears of fully sharing her beliefs, and being able to encourage her and pray for her through that hard moment.

these people in the picture allowed me to have roots outside of my camp, to be able to have a wide support system, consistently reminding me that i was not alone, and that i was placed in this summer position for a reason.

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