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session nine: #thegreatcommission am i right?

this session was so sweet to me. it was our smallest session yet, only 59 campers in my sweet little dining hall to love on and teach how to serve.

it was a session of remembrance. of knowing every single one of the thirteen sigma campers, letting our bond from last summer make this week even sweeter. of campers inviting me to their tables and seeking me out to share with me. of them inviting me to their night events and including me in their free time.

it was a session of chaos. of counselors realizing that this is their last week here and going all out all week long. what an encouragement to see them not slow down when they see the finish line, but for them to finish strong with the victory they already have in Christ Jesus. it was a session of raids && laughter && one-on-ones && goodbyes.

there was a moment when i was standing in the middle of the mega-raid (which just means a giant water balloon fight with shaving cream) where i was just completely happy. all i could hear around me was shrieks of laughter and cries of joy. campers were chasing me with water balloons and covering my face and back with shaving cream. it was a moment where i felt the complete and utter joy of this job, of being able to walk alongside these campers in some pretty transformative summers. of being so grateful that i got to be invited into their laughter && into their hard conversations.

it was a session where 12 people that i have been given the gift of walking alongside this summer left. the month of goodbyes continues to drain but also uplift? i am constantly reminded of the joy it is to have something worth missing, of having spent three months with a new-found brother or sister in Christ, && knowing that i will see them again. this week was full of see ya laters and plans for reunions in the near future.

another session that it was hard to say goodbye to, where i dreaded walking out to the bus to see them off, knowing this was likely the last time i would see some of them. of mourning the fact that these campers who have been so special to me are moving on to being off-camp and then to a different camp next summer. these campers that have become friends asking me to work 4 more years so that i will still be here when they work here. of them trying to convince me to just work an even decade at camp.

i got to have one-on-ones with two guys who have been such constants for me this summer. men who have been quick to include, quick to encourage, && bring laughter into my life. they have served faithfully this summer, pouring into these 15-year-old boys && consistently pointing them back to the cross && giving them scriptural truth to fight spiritual warfare. they have jumped into the deep end, armed with humor, Truth, energy, && wisdom. they have loved me so well, led with servant hearts && just a willingness to be silly goofy for the sake of the gospel. what a joy to have both of them fighting in my corner and running the race towards the Throne with me!

we finished out 1 Peter 4 with such an encouraging message about how we are to respond to suffering as followers of Christ. Rebecca, someone i have come to cherish && look up to, talked about how we are to expect suffering, rejoice in it, evaluate the value, && entrust our lives to God! she shared it in a way that was so uplifting and gave context for scripture that was so enlightening.

this week was the Mosaic covenant! a conditional covenant, where blessings are promised with obedience, and curses are ensured by disobedience. a huge theme of this covenant is the instructions for the tabernacle, ones that are intentionally holy && careful. the Lord is too kind to follow through on His promises even though we continue to disobey.

in lieu of bible study, i had some pretty good intentional gospel conversations. ones of reflection on spiritual growth && warfare that we have endured this summer. i got to discuss areas in which i have been frustrated lately or have just been struggling. i had people come alongside me in prayer and who were quick to shut down lies that the enemy was trying to convince me of.

Haggai! today we finally wrapped up this book, a book that talks about hope for a broken people. that talks of how Christ is the desire of all nations. a mixture of rebuke && encouragement that is a not so gentle reminder that if the priorities of our hearts are wrong, nothing we do is holy to God. He demands 1st place in life && service!

off-time was special. i got to sit in a coffee shop and work with one of my most favorite people && then grocery shop for the dinner we were gonna cook that night. i got to welcome my sister onto this mountainside && share with her my little piece of heaven. she got to meet campers and see where i spend my days, hang out with the people i have done life with this summer, && catch up about your lives, your joys && our frustrations. we got to grab breakfast in town with two long time friends && worship together alongside my friends. we ate lunch in community and got to just laugh and sit in the joy of having a friend found in a sister.

prayer requests would be for a strong finish, for clear communication, && for goodbyes to be made joyful!

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