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closed doors

((with edits))

i'm gonna be honest, today was a hard day. a day where i was told a door would be closed for a bit. a day when i had to say goodbye to sweet campers and friends for a while. a day that changed the course i had set out for myself.

but amidst this disappointment, i have been rallied behind and shown such understanding and care from the people around me. today was a not-so-gentle reminder that the Lord's plan for my life is not my own and that i must trust His provision and sovereignty over my life. the Lord is so sweet to give me a window right as a door is closed!!

this was met with a lot of confusion.

some thought that i had been asked to leave camp, others thought i had gotten covid.

well, i am gonna clear that up.

this was a day that i got a heart-breaking phone call. one i initially thought was going to go a different way. i believed that i was going to receive the opportunity to continue cultivating the community i had invested the last two years of my life into. but i was met with a no. while originally i was devastated, i have found understanding in their decision. do i agree with it? no but i understand it.

in reference to the campers and friends, this came at a time when they were leaving to go off camp, and i had connected with these teenagers and didn't want to see them or my friends go or be alone in this news.

but thankfully my roots were planted wider. i found more support than i knew i had, and a kind of encouragement that i had never known.

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