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session eight: a bird in RDH?

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

this session was special. it was much like session five, one where i just connected so easily with the campers. a session that i spent every second i could with the campers, eager to know their hearts && met with vulnerability. one where i felt like i was a complete part of the program, making a real difference for these campers.

it was a session where i looked forward to every meal bc i wanted to talk to the campers, i wanted to be in the dining hall walking around, visiting each table. it was moments of standing in the middle of the dining hall in a conversation that started with worship music and then moved to sports then to wedding cake and then to scriptural truths.

a session where unfortunately, miscommunication took a front seat, && silence was met with confusion. but the Lord is so kind to let those situations be overcome by kindness and laughter. He is restoring relationships and renewing spirits daily, what an overwhelming fact!

it was one of those where i dreaded Monday morning, trying to delay saying goodbye as long as i possibly could. where i could feel the emotional rollercoaster coming from a mile away. i could anticipate the impending heartache of my 31 new besties leaving me. i got on the bus when they were leaving && man were there tears, for everybody.

instead of 1 Peter, this week we had another Sunday of remembrance. a time of looking a little more intently at what scripture says about communion. of what exactly happened on that last night && what they were remembering. of taking the sacraments as a staff & having a time of prayer and reflection.

this week was the Abrahamic covenant! the Lord promises him an heir, and we have an opportunity to inherit this blessing through common grace. we are descendants of the promise land && counted righteous by the King! what a picture of the gospel in Genesis 15!

in Esther 8-10, the Lord uses the messengers of the counter-decree to show us the urgency we should have when it comes to being heralds of the decree that the justice of God has been satisfied for us in Jesus! that we can joyfully await the day that God puts the enemy away. there is a quote that i read about Esther that is really so true, it is a record of wonders without a miracle. that God’s will is accomplished && yet men are perfectly free agents. let each child of God rejoice that we have a guardian so near the throne! today, let us be glad that Jesus is exalted!

Haggai 2 is a clear reminder that God owns every resource, && what a wonderful promise he makes through verses 4-5! He gives three clear commands and promises that His Spirit will remain with them!

off-time was so dang needed. while i hated having to be away from the campers && not be able to spend those 22 hours with them, how i spent my time was so restful and joy-filled. i got to hang out with people off camp that i normally don’t get to, && break bread in such a laughter-filled group. it was an opportunity for programs who don’t get to usually interact to check-in with one another && do something as normal as dinner & a movie. we got to see Barbie together && feel child-like giddiness again. it was four hours in a car with someone that i adore && just got to share our hearts for this summer and parts of our life we hadn’t yet.

it was a Sunday morning of routine, && a parable used to teach us how to not waste our lives, that everything we have belongs to Jesus, to examine what we are doing with what belongs to Him, && ask ourselves what we want to hear when we meet Him. it was a morning off vulnerability for our community groups, of sharing hard periods of our life, YET sharing how the Lord used that for good and how He grew you through that season. how cool to be able to encourage each other through the heartache!

prayer request would be for tired people to have kind words, for friends as they leave for their next seasons, && for people to be present && all in for these last few sessions!

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