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zeller ◡̈

(from July 6th & July 24th, 2021)

a team that has so clearly served and loved me well this summer. each one of them cares for me so well, constantly checking in with me, asking the hard questions, encouraging me, and they always find ways to make my job a little easier.

they do not let me sit alone in fear or sadness, but sit beside me and provide guidance and comfort.

they lead their campers to not only more earnestly seek after Christ, but they lead by example of having servant hearts.

they have hearts of inclusion and contagious joy, which they graciously share with me. they are one of the reasons i love my job so much because they serve, love, and pour themselves out so selflessly for others.

their genuine care for me is overwhelming but in the best way possible. what a joy it is to know them and get to do life with them!!

thank you Jesus for giving me this team of goofs who continuously seek scriptural truth, Your will, and try to emulate Your love.

an absolute honor to know, serve, and do life alongside this team this summer.

they each poured so intently into me and i am so grateful to be able to have them on my team in life.

while i am the biggest sad that they are done with sigma, i'm not worried bc i'll see them again.

He is so sweet and knew i needed these souls to walk alongside me this summer and show me what it looks like to share and live out the gospel!

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