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((with edits))

a home that i will cherish forever.

a place full of laughter, brunches, photoshoots, holiday parties, big/little reveals, movie nights, wine nights, dance classes, football watch parties, zoom classes, game days, floor sitting, vulnerability, venting, bachelor mondays, pranks, favorite phone calls, & friendship.

17 months of my life spent living in this special place.

this apartment was a gift. and i didn't always see it that way.

there were definitely moments when i wanted to be anywhere but there, staying out as late as possible to minimize time spent inside. there were moments of anger and regret and frustration and coldness. tears of confusion and sadness. late nights spent deep in negative head space, questioning and overthinking every small action and interaction.

but there were also moments of joy. celebrations of friendship, holidays, game days, and the little victories like doing well on a quiz or being bold and asking a boy out.

oh if those walls could talk...they would continue to keep the secrets they held. but they would tell of the life that was lived there, the complexities and the simplicity of it. they would speak of the busy days full of classes and conversations and meetings and food, but also of the slow days of the winter storm.

i am still unlocking little memories of what exactly happened here, little moments that i cannot believe are not engrained in my brain.

two wildly different years, one shared haven.

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