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First week

looking back at this first week of work with a lot on my mind.

the fact that i literally get to travel the country helping put on meal packs for Feed My Starving Children and serve God's children in body & spirit??? i really have the coolest job ever.

but also i have been thinking about the free time i have and what to do with it. do i take up a new hobby? learn a new language?

post grad is all about finding your place, but when your old place is so close, it is so easy to wish to just be back there instead.

how sweet is it to have friends like Kevin who are going through similar seasons and will meet you for a 2+ hour breakfast?

sometimes i can convince myself that i am doing it all wrong, that i am reaching out too much or just caring too much, but then i am reminded that i am doing my best and that relationships are two-way streets.

my everyday reminder remains to be: Grace abounds. offer it in abundance, receive it willingly.

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