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check on your people

((with edits))

this is your reminder to hug your people regularly and check in on them consistently.

these women love me well and it is a gift to run the race with them. i miss them when we are not together, but they are so good at encouraging from afar. thankful for the opportunity to have them in my support system.

now these men?

wow i constantly wonder how i got so lucky to meet them right when i did.

the Lord has such good timing and they have all played bigger roles than they realize. even though they don't believe it, they are all the kind of guy you read about in a fairytale: too good to be true. they are God-fearing, truth seeking, and all wise beyond their years.

them being on my team is one of my favorite things bc not only do they fight for me, but they make life all the more fun ◡̈

there is something so isolating about the post-grad season of life. you go from being in constant community for about 17 years of your life in school to being thrown out into the world to figure it out with no guide.

it is tough to find a way to move on, especially when you really loved where you were. it is hard to realize that you can no longer fit into the life you had simply because a piece of paper said you were done with school, done with a part of life you loved.

someone once told me that when you think someone is randomly placed on your mind or your heart, that is actually God. He is placing them there for a purpose. checking in with your friends is important, on both sides of the equation. take the chance, spend a couple seconds and send that text. have some free time? call them.

grace abounds. there is no harm in checking in on the people you love, you may both need it more than you think.

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