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Passion 23

Dickies Arena; dec 28-30, 2022

what a beautiful thing, that i bookended my year at Passion Conference.

what a beautiful thing, that i got to witness college kids on absolute fire for the Kingdom.

what a beautiful thing, that the Lord used this as an opportunity to humble me. at a conference that is quite literally all about Jesus && worship, the Lord used this time to take away my voice.

if you know me, you know that my favorite way to worship is through music, and the Lord humbled me and forced me to find a way to worship without my words. without my voice, i sat in prayer, && i stood in awe, && i wept in adoration.

i was lucky enough to have a community around me that met me with grace && understanding && laughter && patience. they asked me questions && listened intently while i struggled to form audible words && interpreted when i tried to use my hands to communicate. it was sitting in the car dancing along to songs instead of singing, and them matching my silence && allowing for time to reflect on what we were experiencing and learning.

it was beautiful chaos of moving parts, sleep talking, hurried meals, profound moments of worship, lots of time on the road, convicting sermons, && new friendships.

it was reunions, late night vulnerability, truthful reflection, hugs, biblical healing, accountability, && quotable moments.

here are some of my favorite quotes from the conference:

“why am i walking away from what God has done in my life? i need to rejoice in that rescue” -Shelby Hagans

“He doesn’t care what (worship) sounds like, He is much more interested in where it is coming from” -Sean Curran

“repetition is not redundancy in the Throne room” -Sean Curran

“we have the opportunity to impact someone’s eternity” -Louie Giglio

"environment, its not your fault, but it's your problem" - Ben Stuart

"a passion for His name necessitates a passion for His word" - David Platt

"you will never find security trying to prove your independence" - Dawnchere Wilkerson

"the flashlight && camera can't operate at the same time. you can't shine the light when you are looking at yourself. you can't give glory when you are trying to get glory"

-Sadie Rob Huff

i got to witness an entire arena fall in love w a pastor i have known for years, && watch him do his thing, letting the Spirit speak through him.

i got to bring summers together, under the unity of worship.

i witnessed the most powerful sermon of my life, something so simple yet utterly profound.

bc i started and ended 2022 at this conference, i truly got to see how much i have grown in the last year. how going last january to atlanta was a bold step for me, something i was unsure about. yet it was the best way to start the year. it is where i first lived out my word of the year, being bold.

&& this december, it was also where i found my word for 2023.


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